Our company was established in 1995 and was accredited in 2005 by Turkak according to TS EN ISO IEC 17020 standard. In export and import procedures, our company provide inspection and quality control services in Turkey's all ports and bonded areas. We are the only company in Turkey that provide services complying with the standards of International Surveillance Service and offers a scientific platform with modern accredited laboratories . We have a self-confidence which enables us to effectively transfer knowledge, experience and accumulation of skills; that we gained over many years; to customers.

We continue working with qualified personnel and laboratories in order to maintain being the brand of 'International Reliability Company' in the eyes of domestic and foreign customers.


The mission of our company that serves an international level is to fulfill the customer and employee satisfaction with independent, impartial, honest and private activities.

The vision of our company is to protect the leader positon worldwide in inspection services industry, and remain innovative and permanent.